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Health and Fitness: Eats

The Beverage Line Up
Eating the right stuff before cheer is important. You don't want to eat foods high in fat or sugar, especially before you cheer. So I have found some foods that are really tasty (to me and hopefully to you) and healthy as well.

Chex Mix is a great snack to eat weather you are on the go, or just want to pig out. It has a high source of fiber and vitamins, no fake stuff. Most other bread mixes (generic brands) have the same stuff included so you don't necessarily have to go with Chex Mix. Hey, even take it along with you to cheer practice, so during water breaks, you can munch down on these babies!

Snacks from Nabisco are really tasty and low in fat. You can top these snacks with cheese, salsa, and other good stuff. The Air Crisps are my top choice because they do taste like the product (such as Ritz, potato chips, etc.), just lower in fat.

So you don't like milk, huh? Well, yogurt is a great source of calcium, especially if you don't drink milk. I love Yoplait because there are so many varieties that you can chose from. Even if you don't finish the yogurt, you can put the top back on and put it back in the 'fridge. 

Pretzels are awesome to munch on!!! They are healthy and low in fat. No matter what brand, they are still awesome.

Alright, everyone loves chips, but not the fat that's in them. Wow! chips are great, and so are Pringles. Both are low in fat, and yummy. So, instead of racking up the fat, eat junk food that your body can deal with.

This sounds kind of corny, I know, but it is good. Lois Kemp Crab Delights is really good and healthy. It is awesome over pasta and a great dinner or lunch to eat before a game. If you hate seafood, I suggest you don't try this (DUH!).