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Please feel free to use these cheers on theses pages. Change the colors and mascot to your school's colors and mascot. When you are saying a cheer, you will only say it once, unlike a chant. Have fun! Remember that X=clap.

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People in the Stands,
Clap your hands,
To show your spirit,
Come on let's hear it,
Yell GO, FIGHT, WIN!!!
Thanx Ashlee!

You know you can depend on us to get the job done
Cause when it comes to basketball
Our team is #1
Say that #  1
Say it loud 1
Say it proud 1
We're #1

Thanx Ashlee!

As you request
You've come to see the best
We represent the Patriots
From OHS

Yell it, louder now, GHS X Hey, Hey, what do you say, Green and white X G-H-S, green and white are best X Panthers, Panthers, XX XXX Go Green Go XX XXX Let's Go XX Let's Go Green Here we go Panthers, here we go, XX Let's Go Panthers Let's Go XX S-C-O-R-E, Score Panthers Let's Score X D-D-De-fense XX XXX Take it away, Defense, Take it, away X We are XX Panthers XX Gimme one zoom, zoom,  gimme two zooms, zoom zoom,  gimme three zooms, zoom, zoom  gimme four zooms, (faster) zoom zoom zoom zoom  hey, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom  hey, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom  hey, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom    HEY, T-A, K-E, Take that ball away Goooooo, Panthers, get fired up F-I-R-E, fire up Gimme a G, G, O, O, Go Go Go Go, Big, Green, X X, Let's go 
Run for six big green, hey, ( pause ) cats let's score Touchdown, touchdown, XX, run for six ( pause, no clap ) Shove that ball and cross that line,  shove that ball and cross that line,  shove it, XXX,  shove it, XXX Touchdown, panther's let's score XXX  Get on up are you ready,
are you ready to fight.
Let's hear it for the Tigers,
Let's win tonight!       (this cheer is from aol and provided by NCA © )
Cassidy ~ Excel High, AL
Hey all you Tiger fans
Get ready for defeat
Cause we are the Panthers
And we just can't be beat
EHS is pushing through
We'll come out on top
The Panther team is on the prowl 
We just won't stop