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The Toetouch

The first and most important thing to do before a toetouch is to stretch! You can seriously hurt yourself if you don't stretch well before ANY jump! You can find some awesome stretches  here.

To make your toetouch better, sit on the ground, legs apart, and lift one leg and make that leg do circles. Do this for about 30 seconds on each leg, then on both, everyday to get a stronger toetouch.

To attempt a toetouch, you first must have a prep. There are two basic preps to use on any jump. Do which one feels most comfortable.

Prep #1: Start out feet together, bending the knees, and put arms in a box. Lift up so you are on your tip toes and your arms are in goal posts. Swing your arms around in front of you, crossing each other and attempt your jump.

Prep #2: Start out feet together, in a clasp. Hit a high v and stand on your tip toes. Swing your arms in front of you, crossing them, and attempt your jump. (personally, I prefer ths prep better.)

So, start with your prep and when you attempt your toetouch, spread your legs apart, keep your arms in a T, keep your back straight, and point those toes. Always practice your toetouch so you can get even better.