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Awesome Tryout Tips


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After you have found out everything you needed to know about the tryouts, you need to know what to do at them. Here is how a general tryout is run:

The coach or an instructor pairs you up with a partner or puts you in a group.

Each person gets a number. (example: 454)

When it is your groups turn to perform, the judges start to look at you.

You will perform usually consisting of a cheer and a dance; sometimes a sideline is included.

The judges will score each member of your tryout group by number.

You exit and the list of people who made it can be posted in a couple of hours or in a number of days.

That is what you will generally expect at a tryout. Now, for the tips!!!!!

At the clinics where you learn the routine:

* Do your best, you never know the coach might be checing you out.

* Smile, even when you are just practicing.

* Watch the instructors carefully and ask questions if you have to.

* Practice in front of the mirror and HIT YOUR MOVES!!!!!

At the tryouts:

* SMILE!!!! This is the most important thing, even if you make a mistake, keep smiling!

* Be positive.

* Hit your moves, and make them look sharp and clean.

* Wear your hair up into a ponytail and wear little or no makeup. (foundation/powder and mascara)

* Be loud, the judges like loud voices.

* On your jumps, make them neat and tight. POINT YOUR TOES ON THOSE TOE TOUCHES!!!!

If you have any other tryout tips, please send them to: