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Stretches, Stretches, Stretches!!!

Here is a list of some stretches that you could use for cheerleading.

Stretch Name How To Do It What It Does Great For.....
Quad Stretch Stand feet together, and take one foot and pick it up behind you. Take both of your hands and grab your foot until you feel a pull. Warms up your quadriceps (the front of your thighs). Stunting, jumps (especially if you are a person that lands hard), and tumbling.
Lunge Standing with your feet together, step out with one foot. Lean forward, making sure that your knee that is in front doesn't go over your ankle. Warms up your calf muscles (the backs of your legs) Stunting, jumps, and tumbling.
Heel Stretch Use the same technique as you would with lunges. The only difference is that you don't lean forward and you flex your toe. Warms up your heel, calf muscles, and the area right behind your knee. Everything
Squat's Standing up, spread your legs a little more than shoulder width apart. Turn out your feet and sit into your stretch. Warms up your inner thighs Jumps, toe touches especially.
Rib Cage Squat and reach one arm to the opposite side of your body. Sort of lean towards that direction. Warms up your rib cage. Everything
Cherry Pickers With your feet spread apart, bend down, placing your hands on the ground, and then reach back to your heels in 2 steps. Straighten your back and clap. Repeat. Warms up your inner thighs and calf muscles. Jumps and stunting.
Calf Stretch Sitting down, with you feet straight out in front of you, grab your ankles, toes, or calfs. Hold about 15 seconds. Warms up almost your entire leg if you grab your ankles, your toes, and calfs. Everything
Inner Thigh Stretch Sitting down with your legs spread apart, have someone push your front side as far to the ground as you can go. Warms up your inner thighs. Everthing
Right Over Left / Left Over Right  Standing up with your feet together, place your right foot over your left (or vise versa) and plave your hands on you left foot. The muscle right behind your knee. Everything