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Results Are In! June's Cheerleader of The Month Is:

Kristen Hubbard!!


Age: 17

How Long Have You Been Cheering?: 5 years or more

Why should you be nominated?: Well, I am very devoted to cheerleading. I have been cheering for five years (since 8th grade) and I have loved
every minute of it. I am co-captain of varsity football and varsity
wrestling. Those are the two sports I cheer for. Wrestling is my
favorite. I spend a lot of time negotiating with the cheer sponsors
about getting new poms, new ribbons, etc. , and I also spend a lot of
time getting things ready, like cheer lists, phone # lists and stuff
like that out to the rest of the cheerleaders. I have a 4.0 GPA and I
am also a dancer.

What has cheer done for you?: It has given me a lot of condidence that I would not have had if I didn't cheer. Also, the expirences that I
have gone through will last me a lifetime and supply me with a lot of

Difference between cheer and other sports: You get to tell people what to do. You can interact with the crowd and if you're close to your
team that you are cheering for (we are very close to our wrestlers),
the athletes feel like the cheerleaders are really behind them 100%.
Right before our wrestlers go off to state we buy black pillow cases
and red material (those are our school colors) and make them pillow
cases that have their name on it and says love the cheerleaders.

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