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What is Cheerleading?

When people think of cheerleading, they think of it as a glamor, short skirt, beauty girl type of after school activity (phew, that was long!). Cheerleading doesn't even come close to that! In my opinion, professional cheerleading for pro football and basketball teams has given high school and competitive cheerleading that stereotype. Yes, professional cheerleading is hard work, but the beauty and glamor goes along with it.

Cheerleading takes patience, effort, and a lot of hard work, especially your first year of cheerleading. My first year of cheer seemed the hardest because I was the new girl, and practically didn't know what to do. Fortunately, I started cheer at a young age, age nine. The younger you start, the easier it is for you in the latter part of your cheerleading career.

I have had a rough time trying to convince people that cheerleading is a sport and it is recognized as a sport. Most people say cheering is so easy; all you do is go out onto the field and do your little ra ra's and there, you're done. That just shows what they know because it is not true. A lot of hard work is involved with cheerleading and it takes a good coach and a few good cheerleaders to become a team.

Getting along with your teammates is extremely important in the cheer world, and practically everywhere else. Your squad isn't an "I" team it is a "we" team. What I mean by that is everyone must work together, and even if you particularly don't like one of your squad members, you have to try your hardest to put that aside.

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