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This section answers frequently asked questions about cheerleading. Some questions have full descriptions elsewhere in the site.

 Is cheerleading a sport?   What is the difference between pop warner, all stars, and school cheerleading? 


Is cheerleading a sport?

Some people argue on this issue, but cheerleading in fact, is a sport. Although it may not be recoginzed by some, it is an entertaining sport to both the audience and the cheerleaders.

What is the difference between pop warner, all stars, and school cheerleading?

Pop warner is little league cheerleading, you must be in between the ages of 8 and 14 to cheer on a pop warner squad. All stars, is a competitive  cheer squad composed of cheerleaders from different schools and teams. School cheerleading is simply cheering for you school team.

What is the purpose of cheerleading?

The purpose of cheerleading is to promote and uphold school spirit, to develop good sportsmanship, and to support other athletic programs.

What about captains?

That is ideally up to your coach.

Is there any medical things involved in cheerleading?

Of course! You should get a physical so you know that everything is okay with you!

Really, how dangerous are stunts?

Stunts are extremely dangerous! Always have a spotter in both simple and extreme stunts.

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